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SEAT Leon Reviews

SEAT Leon - Motorist SG

mReview: 2021 SEAT Leon Mild Hybrid - No More Playing Golf
The Leon felt like a sprightly and nimble car, taking on spirited driving with enthusiasm. The mild hybrid system also means that one gets more push than expected, with the electric motor filling in the gaps in power before the turbo kicks in.

SEAT Leon- OneShift

OneShift Review : Seat Leon 1.5 eTSI Review: The Bright Side

On the road, the car is just so polished for the everyday. tasks It does it so very well, but with just a little more flair. For instance, the way the wraparound LEDs surround you at night does uplift the ambience, and the way it integrates the blind spot warnings is also very clever. 

SEAT Leon - sgCarMart

sgCarMart Review 

The Seat Leon is a good-looking hatchback that features all the latest tech and specs at a more affordable price - that's something buyers should not ignore.

Premium features like wireless Apple CarPlay and a sizeable 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system make the Leon bang for buck


SEAT Leon SP Video Review

The Seat Leon SP offers you all the space you could need, while delivering a quiet cabin and a pleasing infotainment system. Throw in the fact that there's a quiet cabin and a reasonably sporty ride, and this could be the spacious option for all those that still want their driving kicks!


SEAT Leon Video Review

The Leon's 250Nm of torque is delivered at a very early 1,500rpm, which means you get to enjoy the car's full power even when driving to NTUC. A sharp and focused new design paired with efficient power makes the 2021 SEAT Leon a compelling choice, for those who want to be different and safe at the same time. Simply put, it's just...nice!

SEAT Arona Reviews

SEAT Arona- Motorist Singapore

mReview: SEAT Arona - Substance Without Fuss

In recent years, SEAT has cemented itself as a maker of well-equipped, well-sorted vehicles, positioned in a more wallet-friendly area of the market. The Arona adds itself as another arrow in SEAT's quiver, further bolstering the Spanish marque’s lineup.

SEAT Arona- sgCarMart

sgCarMart Review : SEAT Arona FR

Similar to other 1.0-litres in the Group, this 114bhp unit is gutsier than you might imagine thanks to 200Nm of torque. The Arona offers just the right amount of space, pace and grace.

SEAT Arona- OneShift

OneShift Review : SEAT Arona FR

We could not get enough of this! SEAT’s new Arona might just be the crossover with just the right mix of city-chic styling, ease of drive and fuel sipping ability to attract the younger buyer. The Arona is actually a very attractive drive, with all the spoils of Volkswagen’s engineering, while standing out with its unique styling.


SEAT Arona Video Review

The 2021 SEAT Arona features 17" alloy rims, brushed chrome roof rails and a boot that can (almost) fit Aiden in. With a car at its price point, the features it provides and the comfort it delivers make it a pretty compelling proposition for motorists!

SEAT Ibiza Reviews

SEAT Ibiza 1.5 FR Plus - sgCarMart

sgCarMart Review 

From premium features like adaptive cruise control and modern tech like digital cockpit to well-rounded driving dynamics and handsome good looks, indeed the Seat Ibiza makes for an easy and logical choice.

SEAT Ibiza 1.5 FR Plus - Motorist SG

mReview: 2022 SEAT Ibiza - The CUPRA-lite Experience

 I’m not hesitating when calling the Ibiza FR a CUPRA-lite experience. It has all the characteristics that we’ve come to know and love about the hotted-up SEATs, barring the mind-bending off-the-line pace and all the driving traits of a proper hot hatch, with the frugality of an economy car.

SEAT Ibiza 1.5 FR - OneShift

OneShift Review : SEAT Ibiza 1.5 FR - Amor Rapido

The SEAT Ibiza FR is a nippy B segment hatch that is worth looking into, especially if you are in the market for something small and entertaining, but you do not want to compromise on build quality and a little luxury. It is to me possibly one of the most entertaining-yet-refined drives you can get for a car its size.


SEAT Ibiza Video Review

 The Seat Ibiza combines all the great things you expect for a small hatchback, from high fuel economy and decent space at the back, and adds in a little sporty touch thanks to its excellent steering. With its unique design and dynamic setup, the Seat Ibiza FR is a car that makes you feel special.

SEAT Ateca Reviews

SEAT Ateca - Motorist Singapore

Motorist Review : mReview: 2022 SEAT Ateca: An Even Safer Bet!

Power delivery is pretty punchy in the low end which helps the Ateca in its main job scope of driving around town and on expressways. 

SEAT Ateca - sgCarMart

sgCarmart Review : SEAT Ateca 1.4 TSI Xperience (8-speed)

The facelifted Seat Ateca SUV brings dependability into the mix with an eight-speed torque converter. If its modern styling inside and out paired to a pleasing and punchy drivetrain that you're after in your crossover, look no further than the Seat Ateca.

SEAT Ateca- OneShift

OneShift Review : SEAT Ateca 2WD Xcellence 8-Speed

Once behind the wheel, you can tell the Ateca likes being driven rather enthusiastically, and the accuracy it delivers is comparable to some good road cars. The stylish SEAT Ateca makes a good family SUV, and one where the driver can still get his/her kicks.

SEAT Alhambra Reviews

SEAT Alhambra - sgCarMart

sgCarmart Review : SEAT Alhambra 1.4 TSI

The Seat Alhambra now comes with an efficient turbocharged petrol engine that doesn't compromise on performance. When we did push the Alhambra a little more spiritedly, we were pleasantly surprised. 

SEAT Alhambra- OneShift

SEAT Alhambra Style 1.4 TSI Review

The SEAT Alhambra is well equipped, with enough grunt to fulfill family workhorse duties. If you are one of those who would feel that a family car with ample hauling capabilities is one of the must-have pillars right after the house; the SEAT Alhambra delivers very well in performance and practicality.

SEAT Alhambra 2.0 - Torque

Seat Alhambra 2.0 Style review: For the grown-up boyracer

The Seat Alhambra presents buyers the option of a safe, spacious and value-for-money full-sized seven-seater MPV with some measure of GTI-inspired performance.

SEAT Tarraco Reviews

SEAT Tarraco- sgCarMart

sgCarmart Review : SEAT Tarraco 1.4 TSI Xcellence

The  Tarraco is a stylishly designed and generously equipped seven-seating SUV that families should seriously consider.Having features usually found in more expensive cars makes the Tarraco a bang-for-buck proposition.

SEAT Tarraco- OneShift

OneShift Review : SEAT Tarraco 1.4 Xcellence Review

The Tarraco feels a little more premium a car within the intended market segment it sits in. Big on comfort and is engaging enough to entertain the family man who needs to haul, but still loves a good drive.

SEAT Tarraco- Burnpavement

Burnpavement Review : SPANISH FLAIR | SEAT TARRACO 1.4 TSI

The SEAT Tarraco offers quite a lot of car for the money. Having style, equipment, space and pace in one package seldom comes at a price like this (not forgetting the affordable annual road tax too). So if your family is one that wants it all, don’t miss giving the Tarraco a look.

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