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The SEAT Arona


TSI Turbo Engine with 115 Hp

TSI (Turbo Stratified Injection) engines are compact, high-powered and use less fuel. By fitting a turbocharger, power, torque and efficiency can therefore all be increased versus a naturally aspirated engine with the same displacement.

Driving Assistance

Park Assist (Auto Park)

Onboard sensor mechanism detects parking spaces that are large enough to park the car safely and will autonomously park the car into the parking lot.

Driving Assistance

Adaptive Cruise Control

ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) makes your ride more comfortable by automatically accelerating and decelerating your car according to the flow of traffic and your selected driving style.


Blind Spot Detection

Advanced technology that alerts you to oncoming vehicles that may not be visible when changing lanes.


Do your thing.

The SEAT Arona is the crossover built for the bold. It’s ready for action. Are you?

See the creativity


Brave needs backup.

Full Link connectivity, wireless phone charging, keyless entry. Tech to power your life.

See the evolution


You’ve got control.

Do your thing, your way. The SEAT Arona has your back. On the road and off.


This is how you make a statement.

The SEAT Arona doesn’t just do it differently. It does it with class. With comfort. With care. Now it’s your turn.


Make it yours.

Whatever you’ve got going on, make it easier, smarter, sexier. It's your Arona. You choose.

See the possibilities


Change starts with a choice.

The smallest details make the biggest difference. Especially when it comes to creating a better tomorrow. 

Street art

Do your thing.

It means striking your own path. How? Watch street artist Mateo doing his thing. You'll see. 

SEAT Service

Back on the road.

Life doesn’t stand still, so why should you? Leave your worries at the door. SEAT Service gets you moving again. 

Moving forward.

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Our global range of cars and product specifications varies from country to country. Please, visit your local SEAT website to know more about the product offer available for you.