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Confidence personified.

Ready to take it all on. A muscular beast that’s dynamic and strong. Primed for any challenge. Whatever the terrain.

Exterior design

More daring, more robust.

Boasting a larger Front Grille and 100% Full LED Lights in both the front and rear.

The remodelled back end complete with silver detailing and concealed exhaust pipes framed in black gives it a bold and muscular look.


More than just good looks.

As fearless and daring as you are. The SUV that embodies versatility and freedom. We’ve given it side skirts in silver for an even bolder presence. With endless possibilities, where will it take you?

New handwritten lettering.

Same name. Fresh look.

Hola Hola.

The ultimate copilot, activated at the touch of a button or with an easy “hola hola”.

Stylish interior

Beautifully crafted, cosy and set to explore.

Rear LED lights with dynamic indicators.

Safe can also be beautiful.


Show your true colours.


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Available for:

Alloy Wheels

That’s how you roll.

With strength, lightness and agility. Roll out in style with AERO 19" Alloy Wheels. For better handling and performance.

Dynamic 17’’ Brilliant Silver

Standard in: Style

Optional in:

Dynamic 17’’ Brilliant Silver

Standard in: Style

Optional in:

Interior style

Have it your way.

Make it just the way you like it with personal touches.  Choose the Style variant for classic, elegant style and 17" wheels ? Prefer a more executive look? The Xperience trim is perfect for you with large 18" wheels and leather comfort seats.


Cut from a different cloth.

Upholstered with a choice of the finest fabrics and finished off with stitching to match the door panels.
New Seat Ateca cloth black Dallas Olot seats Style
New SEAT Ateca cloth nordic Dinamica black Xperience


New SEAT Ateca Dinamica black seats Style
New SEAT Ateca Dinamica black seats Xperience
New SEAT Ateca Dinamica black seats FR
New SEAT Ateca leather black seats Style
New SEAT Ateca leather black seats Xperience


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Standard in:

Optional in:

Want to learn more about the new SEAT Ateca?

*Exterior mirrors in Cosmo Grey for FR trim.

Our global range of cars and product specifications varies from country to country. Please, visit your local SEAT website to know more about the product offer available for you.