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As sure as the sun will rise.

Discover a new world of safety. Advanced. Assisted. And semi-automatic. Discover the new SEAT Leon.

Driving assistance

Shine a light on every spot.

A combination of driving assistance systems makes sure you’re safe and sound. From the moment you pull out of your parking spot, through every bend on the road, and even in an emergency – we’ve got your back.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

See beyond.

ACC operates like an intelligent cruise control system which automatically maintains your desired distance, depending on your desired speed, using an advanced front radar system.


Front Assist

Front Assist feature reacts instantly and brakes the car automatically if any vehicle, bicycle or pedestrain unexpectedly crosses your path.

Enhance Safety

SEAT Flexibility

iSOFiX attach the child seat directly unto the car’s chasis to minimise forward and rotational movemet

Airbag protection

Cool. Calm. And cushioned.

Safety you can count on. The new SEAT Leon’s airbag system is designed to protect you from every angle.

Want to learn more about the new SEAT Leon?

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