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SEAT Tarraco (2.0 Variant)


TSI Turbo Engine

TSI (Turbo Stratified Injection) engines are compact, high-powered and use less fuel. By fitting a turbocharger, power, torque and efficiency can therefore all be increased versus a naturally aspirated engine with the same displacement.


20” Machined Alloy Wheels

Elegant and lightweight 20" Supreme Machined Alloy Wheels that bring style to the road.


7 Seater or 700L Bootspace

Up to 7 seats gives you 700l with 3rd row down or 1775l with 2nd and 3rd row down. With 5 seats version, enjoy 760l of standard capacity or 1920l with rear seats folded.


Digital Cockpit

Customisable Digital Cockpit that displays maps and driving assistance systems for an enhanced experience behind the wheel.


Why not now?

Life isn’t for waiting. It’s for doing. The new SEAT Tarraco SUV comes with the latest in innovative design and technology. So nothing can stop you.


No more excuses.

Too late? Too difficult? Not anymore. The new SEAT Tarraco with state-of-the-art technologies makes every day easy.


Forward’s the only way to go.

Not the type to stand still? The advanced safety features of the new SEAT Tarraco keep you moving in the right direction.

Room to grow

No dream is too big.

One SUV. Up to 7 seats. Sliding. Folding. Adapting to your life. And all your plans.


Your future. In your hands.

It’s not only about now, but also what’s next. From exterior design to extra storage, customise the life you want to live.


Back on the road.

Life doesn’t stand still, so why should you? SEAT Service gets you moving again.

Moving forward.

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