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SEAT Toledo: Family Car


TSI Turbo Engine

TSI Turbo Engine combines power and fuel efficiency

Boot Capacity

550 l

The spacious boot that fits up to 550l of whatever you need.


Cruise Control

System that offers extra comfort on the road by maintaining a constant speed with zero effort.

Euro NCAP Safety Rating

The highest safety rating that a vehicle can receive from the European New Car Assessment Programme.


Growing up has its perks.

Who said fun is only for kids? The Toledo combines a safe family car with a beautiful, dynamic drive.

See the creativity


One road. Infinite possibilities.

The technology to keep you safe, comfortable and always entertained. Wherever you go.


Focus on what matters most.

Sophisticated safety features provide peace of mind on the road. So you can focus on family.


It starts with a choice.

When you choose to drive a fuel-efficient car, the world (and your wallet) will thank you.


Design the life you want to live.

How do you make the most of your time? Family? Fun? Freedom? Find the accessories to match.


Back on the road.

Life doesn’t stand still, so why should you? SEAT Service gets you moving again.

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