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Media Review

Reviews of our Award-winning Range


sgCarMart Sedan of the year

SEAT Toledo Review by sgCarMart

The Seat Toledo is the Spanish carmaker's bread-and-butter offering that offers lots of space and a spirited drive - for an affordable price.

With its responsiveness coupled with the turbocharged engine, you'll find yourself driving more spiritedly than you normally would in any bread-and-butter offering.

OneShift Family-Sized SUV of the year

SEAT Tarraco Review by sgCarMart

"If you're looking for a stylish, well-packaged and rather advanced seven-seating SUV, there's really no reason not to consider the Tarraco. With it, SEAT is offering quite a lot of car for your money."

CUPRA Ateca Review by sgCarMart

The Cupra Ateca sports aggressive styling paired with a practical and spacious interior.

If you're looking for a good serving of performance together with your SUV, the Cupra Ateca is sure to appeal. It delivers ample performance from its 296bhp 2.0-litre engine while still retaining good driver engagement in the bends.

OneShift Compact SUV of the year

SEAT Ateca Review by sgCarMart

The Seat Ateca is a mid-sized SUV that's easy on the eyes and capable on the road.

The SEAT Ateca Xcellence comes packed with ample features as standard, whilst retaining its practicality as an SUV. More attractively, with because of its price this car is a great contender amongst the other SUV offerings in Singapore.

OneShift City-chic SUV of the year

SEAT Arona Review by ONESHIFT

We could not get enough of this! SEAT’s new Arona might just be the crossover with just the right mix of city-chic styling, ease of drive and fuel-sipping ability to attract the younger buyer.

"The Arona displays very little roll around the bends, and there is a very positive feel from the steering. 

OneShift Subcompact Hatchback of the year

SEAT Ibiza Review by ONESHIFT

The Ibiza is a practical small hatch, easy to drive and can be loads of fun behind the wheel.

Behind the wheel, the Ibiza comes across as light and nimble. It's steering, slightly on the lighter side, is pleasantly accurate. 


OneShift MPV of the year

Alhambra Review by sgCarMart

The Seat Alhambra now comes with an efficient turbocharged petrol engine that doesn't compromise on performance.

The Alhambra might sport a small 1.4-litre turbocharged engine, but at 148bhp and 250Nm, it packs a punch.





"For younger buyers like myself that prefer a tighter, more enthusiastic driving experience and better connectivity to go along, the Ateca is the more appealing one.."

And it's the Ateca that'd you'd be more willing to drive harder, too, given the nature of its turbocharged engine, mated to a dual-clutch transmission (with paddle shifters)."