Concierge on-demand Service

Hassle-free Servicing and Repair

Life is a breeze with the new concierge on-demand one-stop essential repair, servicing, battery replacement and tyre replacement service. 

Please provide your details. We’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

Email Address

Terms and Conditions

a) Collection and delivery service at a rate of $80 before GST (limited slots available)

b) A confirmation email/call/SMS will be notified to the customer after slot allocation is confirmed.

c) Collection and delivery will be within the same day unless due to unforeseen reasons beyond the control of Vertex Euro Motors/ SEAT Singapore – late delivery may be necessary in such cases, the customer will be notified by the Service Advisor.

d) Vertex Euro Motors/SEAT Singapore shall provide the customer with detailed costing information of their car servicing before any work is started. All work and costs, including additional work, must be approved by the customer before said work is carried out. The approval can be in the form of SMS or email.

e) All repair works are subjected to GST according to Singapore Law.

f) Target vehicle collection is between 9am to 1030am. The target delivery time is between 4pm to 530pm. If unforeseen circumstances cause the vehicle to be collected/delivered outside these times the customer shall be updated by a Vertex Euro Motors/SEAT Singapore representative.